What is SwellRT?

SwellRT is an API to handle objects in real-time and share them in a decentralized network:

Engage users with real-time collaborative features!
Documents, pads, polls,  chats, workflows, canvases, and more…

  • Give users freedom: users can choose where their data is stored
  • Build privacy aware apps that respect personal data
  • Facilitate interoperability and collaboration across apps

What’s the best about it?

Real-time Collaboration

Store, edit and share any type of data including files and rich-text documents in real time. Manage access control to objects at the app and user levels.

two developers sending data pack to each other

Open Source to control your own infrastructure

Get the benefit of a community-built, reliable and secure platform. Install your own server and control where the data is stored and how it is managed.

An open-source shield protects data

Decentralization Rules!

Building decentralized apps is very difficult. SwellRT makes it extremely easy to share objects transparently across servers, apps and users.

API to go!

A modern API that takes advantage of the latest JavaScript language perks. Just share and edit plain JavaScript objects in real-time. Query objects from your client to the MongoDB based storage.

hands juggling with data packs

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JetPad collaborative text editor

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We look for people interested in free/libre alternatives to existing online collaboration tools. We welcome developers, designers, activists… anyone keen to share her ideas for an open and collaborative Internet

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